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Hookah Smoking – An Age-old Modern Trend

Hookah Smoking – An Age-old Modern Trend

Jamie Blair Jamie Blair
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The world is witnessing a drastic increase in hookah smoking amongst the youth due to the increasing figures of hookah lounges and bars. The product has names like shisha, water pipe, Kalyan, and nargile. But its history remains the same the mode to consume tobacco by meditation and South Asian rural people. However, a major gap must be bridged between the good old and modern Hookah. 

However, if you are struggling with the questions regarding what differentiates between modern and old one, then this content will be helpful for you. 

The article will help you understand the traditional and modern hookahs with their pros and cons with the growing time and technological development! 

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What Is A Traditional Hookah?

Even though hookahs have been revamping with time, the distinctive feature making traditional hookahs set apart is a central shaft, and the smoke travels from it to the bowl. There is a container where the water cools down the smoke and the last part from where users inhale it. 

The three parts that are the origin behind the modern takes available in the market are:

  • The bowl 
  • Container with water to cool down the smoke 
  • The pipe to inhale

The traditional Hookah differs in design, relying on the country behind its origin. However, the three primary types of traditional on are:

The Egyptian Hookah Pipes:

It is the most common type of the product and the standard for comparing options available in the market. It has three-part, which are:

  • A coiled metal hose crafted from the leather exterior 
  • A ceramic vase 
  • A hand-crafted glass

Egyptian Hookah has a brass and copper stem that is rust and crack-free.

Syria Argileh:

Syrian Hookah is rare in the modern world, but people often mix it with Egyptian. It has a male bowl (a bowl placed in the stem), while the female bowl sits around the stem. 

  • The Syria Argileh demands more cleaning 
  • There is a restricted draw, making the smoke intense.
  • This type has a cast brass base with a carved sequence outside the base.

Turkish Nargileh:

The Turkish Nargileh is the "no frills" option of the old hookahs with limited individual elements and limited decoration compared to other types. These types fit male hookah bowls, yet they are tighter due to zero purge significance. 

What Are Traditional Hookahs Recomendable For?

Traditional ones have been part of our culture for centuries, but who should be going for this type? So, a traditional hookah works for people enjoying pipes in a social environment. Besides, people who enjoy long soothing hits can also go for it. Hence, a traditional one can be a part of the relaxing evening after a hectic day at the office!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Traditional Hookah?

Since we have a clear idea about traditional Hookah, it is time to check out the pros and cons:


  • Price:

The collective package holding everything required makes it a must-have in everyone's collection. The average price of the standard traditional one ranges between $65-$200 and has an impressive life span. 

  • Design:

The traditional Hookah is sturdy, with a few moving pieces that could be loose. Its design comprises durable material that tends to last for years. Hence, there are excellently performing hookahs everywhere. 

  • Easy To Carry:

The traditional hookah pipes are easy to carry around and remove when there is an urge to smoke. 


  • Consistency:

Since these pipes are handmade; therefore, it gets tough to maintain complete consistency. They can be useless for a few months or reliable partners to stay the same for years.

  • Not For Multiple Users:

Traditional hookahs only work for one user or friend to get together. It has a single pipe focusing on a single user. 

  • Zero Originality:

Users cannot expect originality in the designs of traditional hookahs. For instance, a product with a gold design becomes a massive hit so that every brand will follow the trend. 

Modern Hookah

After a clear understanding of traditional Hookah, it is time to dive into modern Hookah. Though all the modern hookah types closely resemble the traditional ones due to their parts. They have a close chamber, a purge, a hose port, and a regular male bowl port. 

However, the diversity in designs is what sets it apart. The modern one primarily comprises stainless steel or relevant material. However, the excellent draft and minimal resistance is the distinctive feature. Besides, some pipes provide liberty to modify the resistance. Some of the common modern hookah types include:

Glass Hookah:

As evident from the name, the glass hookah comprises glass. They resemble a bong, which is to smoke herbs like marijuana. 

American Hookah:

America later stepped into the hookah manufacturing world, and this product became a global sensation over time. The American Hookah is the better version of traditional Hookah, using supreme quality materials and production to eliminate errors. 

The market has ample hookah choices like German, Acrylic, Brazilian, Russian, etc. 

What Are Modern Hookahs Manufactured For?

People willing to try different flavours should opt for the modern Hookah. Besides, it has multiple user options for party nights with friends. A modern Hookah demands cleaning every time after smoking a hookah. Hence, users can enjoy different flavours every time without mixing them. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Modern Hookah?

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of modern Hookah:


Some of the benefits of the smoking hookah are:

  • Endless designs:

The market offers multiple variations in a modern hookah, which provides great variation with different materials and designs. 

  • Allows To Enjoy Multiple Flavors:

The modern Hookah is a contemporary take on the traditional one with the liberty to enjoy different  flavors products. 

  • Easy To Clean:

The modern hookah demands cleaning after every use, so the flavors do not mix. It is perfect for people who are smoking hookah every day. Hence, it is easy to clean and demands little time. 


  • Not Trendy Looking:

The modern Hookah could be more appealing in design, yet durability does its job. 

  • Expensive:

The modern Hookah is slightly pricy and does not cater to occasional smokers and beginners. 

Traditional Vs. Modern Hookah

The primary factors differentiating between traditional and modern Hookah are 

  • Weight:

The modern Hookah is lightweight and easy to dissemble parts for transporting. At the same time, the traditional one is heavy and not easy to carry. 

  • Material:

The traditional Hookah is crafted from multiple materials like brass and steel. However, modern one uses materials like glass or ceramic. 

  • Hose:

Multiple users can use the modern. Hookah at a time with different hoses, while traditional allows one user at a time. 

  • Craftsmanship:

The traditional Hookah is handmade by artisans focusing on minor details. At the same time, a modern hookah is a machine made with fineness.

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Overall, Hookah has seen drastic improvement from the classic ancient style to the contemporary version enabling multiple users to enjoy different flavours. However, if the question is which version works the best, the answer relies on the demand. The modern take is lightweight and ideal for a party with different flavours, while an old take is good for a home-smoking hookah with a single flavour.

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