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Amsterdam Smoke & Vape shop has all of your vaping and smoking essentials. We strive to provide the best prices and customer service we can. Browse our Bongs, Pipes, Hookahs, Vapes, and more. Founded in the heart of SOCAL, it’s only natural that we are immersed in the smoke and vape culture. As a result, our main priority making our products accessible to the vaping and smoking community at affordable prices.
For a more classic smoking experience, we have lighters, torches, rolling machines, carrying cases, decorative trays, metal and glass screens, and flavored and regular rolling papers. We carry quality tools and accessories for all budgets, including premium glass by Diamond, Grav, Mj Arsenal, and Blown. We also have glass and acrylic bongs, dab rigs, and pipes for those looking for heavy-hitting pieces. 

Our versatile collection of glassware and electronic vape systems will not disappoint, and the price is always right. We have the latest electronics, such as oil pens, grinders, scales, vapes, and electronic dab rig systems with various battery power. We have vape mod brands like G-Pen, Sutra, Yocan, Puffco, and the Volcano by Storz and Bickel.

Are you looking for something outside of the box? Explore our collection of cream chargers with classic brands like Whip-It and Special Blue. Or maybe you’re looking for herbal botanical supplements like Kava or Kratom. Our catalog of kratom includes lab-tested and quality-controlled powders, capsules, and extracts, featuring big names like OPMS, MIT45, Whole Herbs, Choice Botanicals, Krave, Pure Leaf Kratom, and Raw Kratom. 

Check out our hookah glass collection of all colors, shapes, and sizes. We have nearly 40 varieties of hookah tobacco from several reputable companies on our online store, and even more to choose from in our physical locations, where you can create custom mixes in our hookah bar. We also sell name-brand shisha from brands such as Starbuzz, Al Fakher, Fumari, Eternal Smoke, Amy, and Adalya. Need Charcoal? We carry Eco – friendly coconut charcoals in self-starting instant light or standard options. We also sell Hookahs in various sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Our physical stores in SOCAL carry dozens of tobacco varieties and blunts, 50+ cigars, and over 100 types of Hookah tobacco flavors. At our Hookah Bar, we can even create a custom mix to fit your taste. As for accessories, our Long Beach and Lakewood locations have a lot to offer. We also have reusable and disposable mouthpiece tips, candy-coated lollipop tips, pre-poked foil, standard or self-starting charcoal, hoses, foils, and other tools and accessories. We believe in giving our customers complete control over their experience by providing as many options as possible and options that suit your budget. Choose from hashish by Starbuzz, Fumari, and Al Fakher.
You won’t need another headshop with our wide selection, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices.

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Kratom Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Wisconsin; or the following counties: Sarasota County (Florida), San Diego (California), Oceanside (California), Alton (Illinois), Jerseyville (Illinois), Edwardsville County (Illinois), Columbus (Mississippi), Union County (Mississippi), Ascension (Louisiana), Franklin (Louisiana), Rapides (Louisiana)