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Smoke Buddy, Your Eco-friendly Smoking Companion

Smoke Buddy, Your Eco-friendly Smoking Companion

David Glacier David Glacier
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Smoke buddy, Your Eco-friendly Smoking Companion

Many oft-overlooked smoking accessories might become indispensable favorites. A Smoke Buddy personal air filter could be the solution you've been looking for if you want to smoke cannabis in private.


With the original Smoke Buddy and its little sibling, Smoke Buddy Jr., you may enjoy your aromatic smoke with less environmental impact. Try the Smoke Buddy air filter to protect loved ones from exposure to secondhand smoke.


The Smoke Buddy Jr. is your best bet if you need to eliminate smoke and odor from any room. Finally, a technique to conceal your smoking! Fresh, odor-free air will come out if you blow smoke into it. This device lasts a long time and is well-made, yet it is compact and easy to bring along wherever you go.


It is made in the USA, is equipped with an activated carbon filter that has been patented. By passing exhaled smoke through the Smoke Buddy filter, unpleasant odors are effectively removed, and fresh air is released in their stead.


Plastic tubing with many filters is what makes up the Smoke Buddy. These filters work by preventing cross-contamination between smoke particles, which leads to a significant decrease in both smoke and odor.


The Junior version is even more portable and durable, lasting for over 150 puffs. The original is a remarkably effective smoke and odor killer, is said to last for 300 or more.


Compared to the original, the Mega version's filter is twice as large, meaning it should last for 600 uses or more. And, to top it all off, Mr. MegaBuddy, an LED keychain that lights up when squeezed, comes standard with every Smoke Buddy Mega.


Thanks to the Original or the Junior, there will be no lingering odors, no secondhand smoke, and no evidence of smoking.

Using a Smoking Buddy Properly


Carry one with your regular smoking routine, joints, pipes, or vape pens. Two different-sized ends can be found on it.

Use the narrower end to vent your exhaled air. Within the filter, smoke flows through several meshes and filters before emerging from the larger end of the gadget.


One is often shared by friends who smoke. At this time, having your own specialized Buddy, is strongly encouraged.


It is a small, effective, and discreet cigarette concealer. One is essential if you value secrecy and privacy while smoking.


The Reasons We Adore Smoke Buddy



The Smoke Buddy Original Personal Air Filter stands out compared to standard personal air filters. Not all airborne pollutants close to your mouth will be filtered away. To use, simply puff smoke into the device, which then expels clean air.




The Smoke Buddy does not have a wide field of influence and does not disseminate airborne toxins. One silver lining is that you can avoid wasting electricity by charging it, so you'll save a little money.




The Smoke Buddy is constructed using recyclable materials is a major selling point for us. Similarly, the Smoke Buddy is small and lightweight. It's one of the lightest personal filters we've observed at just 2.4 ounces. In addition, you'll get an LED-lit Smoke Buddy keychain free of charge.

Value For Your Buck


The expected lifespan of the Smoke Buddy is 300 puffs. Depending on your smoking habits, this may seem like a lot or a little. That's equivalent to around 18 packs of cigarettes' worth of use, to give you another comparison. Again, this implies the duration is entirely flexible, lasting from 18 days to 18 months. Still, if interested, you may get started with a minimal investment.




The Smokebuddy is a discreet cigarette smoking device that is easy to carry and use. Those who value secrecy and privacy when smoking will find that a Smokebuddy is an indispensable tool. The time to buy your Smoke buddy is now, so make your way to

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