Yocan Sol Plus 900 mAh 510 Battery

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Sol 900 mAh

Introducing the Yocan Sol Plus 900mAh 510 Battery – a groundbreaking addition to Yocan's lineup, featuring a 510 thread connection. Powered by an integrated 900mAh battery, this device boasts convenient Type C port charging. The Yocan Sol Plus offers compact dimensions, user-friendly operation, and a variable voltage feature, setting new standards in vaping technology.

Sleek Design and Construction: Crafted from zinc-alloy, the Yocan Sol Plus variable voltage 510 battery combines durability and lightweight design. With dimensions of 110mm by 14mm, it offers a portable and ergonomic experience. Presented in six colors, its aesthetic appeal is matched by its functionality.

User-Friendly Functionality: Operating the Yocan Sol Plus is a breeze, featuring a single firing button and LED indicator. A quick five-fold press of the button activates the battery, while a two-fold press initiates the preheat mode. The LED indicator, combined with the firing button, provides battery level and protection status information.

Customized Vaping Experience: Unlike conventional vape batteries, the Yocan Sol Plus offers variable voltage settings. With a silver switcher on the bottom side, users can select from five power options (1.8V, 2.3V, 3.3V, 3.8V, and 4.2V). This flexibility empowers users to discover the ideal temperature for their chosen fillers, ensuring optimal extraction of active components.

Ample Power and Rapid Charging: The 900mAh battery capacity of the Yocan Sol Plus provides ample power for extended use. Recharge via the Type-C port with 5V/1000mA power, ensuring a quick one-hour recharge time. Moreover, the battery incorporates a fifteen-second cut-off protection feature, enhancing safety during use.

Elevate your vaping journey with the Yocan Sol Plus 900mAh 510 Battery, a device that harmonizes innovation, style, and performance. Experience a new level of customization and efficiency with every draw.

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