XXL Hemparillo Cigar Wraps Foil 4ct - Sweets

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The XXL Hemparillo Cigar Wraps Foil 4ct Sweets offer a tobacco and nicotine-free smoking experience with a touch of delightful sweetness. Crafted from premium hemp, these cigar wraps are free of additives, ensuring a clean and natural smoke.

Each pack contains two XXL Hemparillo cigar wraps, providing you with enough material for multiple enjoyable smoking sessions. With 10 packs per box, you'll have an abundant supply of these flavorful wraps.

The Sweets flavor infused into these wraps adds a hint of delectable sweetness to your smoking experience. The natural hemp taste blends harmoniously with the subtle sweet notes, creating a truly pleasurable and aromatic smoke.

Included with each wrap is a paper filter, enhancing the smoothness of your draws and providing a comfortable mouthpiece. The filter also helps trap any impurities, ensuring a cleaner and more satisfying smoking session.

Whether you prefer rolling your own cigars or filling these wraps with your preferred herbs or blends, the XXL Hemparillo Cigar Wraps deliver a high-quality and flavorful smoke, making them an ideal choice for tobacco and nicotine-free enthusiasts who desire a touch of sweetness.

Key details:

  • Tobacco and nicotine-free cigar wraps
  • No additives for a clean and natural smoking experience
  • 2 XXL wraps per pack, 10 packs per box
  • Sweets flavor for a delightful touch of sweetness
  • Paper filter included for smoother draws
  • Ideal for rolling cigars or filling with herbs/blends.

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