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Weighmax W-3805 200 200g x 0.01g

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Weighmax W-3805 200 200g x 0.01g
Weighmax W-3805 200 200g x 0.01g Box
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Weighmax W-3805 200 200g x 0.01g
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W-3805 200 200g x 0.01g

Weighmax, a trusted name in the world of digital pocket scales, brings you the Weighmax W-3805 series. These compact and versatile scales are designed to cater to the needs of individuals who require precision in their weighing tasks. Whether you're a professional or simply need a reliable scale for personal use, the W-3805 series has you covered.

The Weighmax W-3805-100 offers a 100g capacity with an impressive sensitivity of 0.01g. This level of accuracy is ideal for tasks that demand precise measurements, such as weighing herbs, spices, jewelry, or pharmaceuticals. It ensures that you can achieve accurate results consistently.

For those who need a slightly higher capacity, the Weighmax W-3805-200 is the perfect choice. With a capacity of 200g and the same 0.01g sensitivity, it offers the same level of precision as its counterpart. This increased capacity makes it suitable for a broader range of applications, including food portioning, small electronic components, or laboratory work.

Both models in the W-3805 series share the same commitment to quality and reliability that Weighmax is known for. These scales are compact and easy to carry, making them a convenient addition to your lifestyle. Whether you're a chef, jeweler, scientist, or someone who simply values accuracy, the Weighmax W-3805 series ensures that your measurements are on point.

In addition to their impressive performance, these scales feature user-friendly designs. The easy-to-read digital display ensures that you can quickly and accurately read the measurements, and the straightforward controls make operating the scale a breeze.

Weighmax takes pride in manufacturing scales that meet the diverse needs of its customers, and the W-3805 series is no exception. Whether you choose the W-3805-100 or the W-3805-200, you're investing in a reliable, accurate, and versatile pocket scale that can enhance your precision weighing tasks. So, why settle for less when you can have the precision and quality of Weighmax? Elevate your weighing experience with the W-3805 series today.

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