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Tightpac TightVac 1.30L

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Tightpac TightVac 1.30L
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Tightpac TightVac 1.30L
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Tightpac TightVac 1.30L

The Tightpac 1.30L Tightvac Solid is a must-have for any smoker looking to keep their herbs fresh and their odor contained. The container is made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic, ensuring that your herbs remain fresh and safe for consumption. The Tightvac seal system ensures that the container remains airtight, preventing any air or moisture from seeping in and compromising the quality of your herbs.

With a compact size of 5.5" x 3.75", this container is perfect for on-the-go use. The sleek design also makes it easy to store in a drawer or cabinet. The transparent body allows you to easily see the contents of the container, so you can quickly identify what you need.

Not only is the Tightpac 1.30L Tightvac Solid practical, but it is also stylish. The container features a sleek black design that will complement any smoking setup. The solid color design also adds an element of discretion, allowing you to store your herbs without drawing unwanted attention.

This container is versatile and can be used to store a variety of smoking accessories, including grinders, rolling papers, and lighters. The airtight seal ensures that all of your accessories are protected from air and moisture, keeping them in top condition for your next smoke session.

Key Points:

  • High-quality, BPA-free plastic container
  • Airtight seal system keeps herbs fresh and odor contained
  • Compact size for on-the-go use
  • Sleek black design complements any smoking setup
  • Versatile container can be used to store a variety of smoking accessories

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