Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer

Introducing the Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer, a versatile and stylish device designed to elevate your dry herb vaping experience. Let's dive into its key features:

FLEX TEMP: The Flare is a flex temp device that empowers you to choose your desired temperature between 300-446°F. With easy-to-use arrow buttons, you have full control over your vaping experience.

DIGITAL SCREEN: The Flare features a digital screen that displays the temperature reading. It also includes a small battery icon, indicating the remaining battery life. During charging, the icon gradually fills and empties, providing real-time battery status. Once fully charged, a full battery icon will be displayed.

MICRO USB CHARGER: Each Flare comes with a micro USB charging cable for convenient charging. It is important to note that the device should only be charged indoors and with a wall adapter. Charging in a vehicle is not recommended.

OOZE WARRANTY PROGRAM: Your Flare is protected under the Ooze Warranty Program. Make sure to register your device upon opening it to activate the warranty and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are covered.

PANTHER BLACK: The Panther Black Ooze Flare boasts an eye-catching design. The body features a shiny black finish, while the mouthpiece cap and sides sport a metallic black color, adding a sleek and sophisticated touch. The straw mouthpiece is made of clear glass, providing a clean and enjoyable vaping experience.

Elevate your dry herb vaping game with the Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer. With its flexible temperature control, digital screen, micro USB charger, and stylish Panther Black design, it's the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced vapers alike. Enjoy precise temperature settings, convenience, and style with the Flare.

Key Details: 

  • Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer offers flex temp functionality, allowing temperature selection between 300-446°F.
  • The digital screen displays temperature readings and battery life indicator.
  • It comes with a micro USB charging cable for convenient charging.
  • Charging should only be done indoors with a wall adapter, not in a vehicle.
  • The device is covered under the Ooze Warranty Program.
  • Panther Black design features a shiny black body, metallic black mouthpiece cap and sides, and a clear glass straw mouthpiece.

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