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OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones

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OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones
OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones
OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones
OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones

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OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones
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OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Pre - Rolled Cones

Elevate your smoking experience with OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones, offering a clean, pure, and eco-friendly option. Crafted from organic hemp paper, these cones come in three sizes to suit your preferences. The 78mm size, available in an 8-pack, is perfect for a compact session. The 1 1/4 size, packed in sets of 6, offers a balanced smoke. For those who prefer a larger cone, the King Size, available in packs of 3, provides an extended experience.

Made from pesticide-free hemp, these cones ensure a conscious and environmentally friendly choice. The unbleached paper guarantees a pure smoking experience, devoid of added chemicals or flavors. Conveniently pre-rolled, the cones save time and effort. Simply fill, twist, and enjoy.

Included with the cones is a packing tool, ensuring even distribution and a tightly packed cone for a smooth and consistent smoke. Experience the benefits of a slow, even burn with the ultra-thin organic hemp paper, allowing you to savor your smoke for an extended period.

What sets these cones apart is their commitment to sustainability. The organic hemp used is not only biodegradable but also grown without harmful chemicals. Ideal for environmentally conscious smokers, these cones offer a guilt-free option.

In summary, OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones provide a superior smoking experience. Easy to use, offering a slow and even burn, and environmentally friendly, these cones are the perfect choice for those who prioritize purity, convenience, and sustainability in their smoking rituals.

Key Details:

  1. Organic Hemp Paper: OCB Organic Hemp Unbleached Cones are made from organic hemp paper, ensuring a clean and pure smoking experience without the use of harmful chemicals.

  2. Three Sizes: Available in three sizes, including 78mm (8-pack), 1 1/4 (6-pack), and King Size (3-pack), catering to different preferences for session duration and smoke volume.

  3. Unbleached Paper: The cones are unbleached, allowing users to taste the full flavor of their herb without any added chemicals or unwanted flavors.

  4. Pre-Rolled and Convenient: These cones come pre-rolled, saving users time and effort. The simple fill-and-twist method makes them easy to use for a hassle-free smoking experience.

  5. Environmentally Friendly: Crafted from sustainable and biodegradable organic hemp, these cones are an eco-conscious choice, minimizing the environmental impact of smoking habits.

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