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Krave Kava + Kratom Shot 2oz

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Krave Kava + Kratom Shot 2oz
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Krave Kava + Kratom Shot 2oz

Introducing the Krave Kava + Kratom Shot 2oz – an innovative herbal blend designed for those desiring a natural way to unwind and relax. This unique product presents a proprietary blend, delivering 650mg of carefully selected Kava root extract and Mitragyna speciosa leaf. The infusion of Kava and Kratom seamlessly combines the soothing properties of Kava with the potential benefits associated with Mitragyna speciosa.

Crafted in a convenient 2oz shot, this blend provides a swift and uncomplicated method to integrate these traditional herbs into your daily routine. Whether you seek a moment of tranquility or explore a natural alternative, the Krave Kava + Kratom Shot promises a distinctive experience in a compact package. Elevate your relaxation journey with the harmonious fusion of Kava and Kratom in every sip, offering a unique and potent herbal remedy for unwinding and relaxation.

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Kratom Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Wisconsin; or the following counties: Sarasota County (Florida), San Diego (California), Oceanside (California), Alton (Illinois), Jerseyville (Illinois), Edwardsville County (Illinois), Columbus (Mississippi), Union County (Mississippi), Ascension (Louisiana), Franklin (Louisiana), Rapides (Louisiana)