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King Palm 2ct Minis Rolls - Lemon Haze

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King Palm 2ct Minis Rolls - Lemon Haze

Elevate your smoking sessions with the refreshing zing of King Palm Lemon Haze Pre-rolled cones. These cones are designed to infuse your smoke with a delightful burst of zesty citrus flavor. Crafted with care, King Palm leaf wraps are made from Cordia leaves, ensuring a high-quality smoking experience.

Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence of lemon as you indulge in each puff. The tangy citrus notes of Lemon Haze add a vibrant twist to your smoking session, awakening your senses and leaving a refreshing taste on your palate. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or enjoying a social gathering, these pre-rolled cones are the perfect choice for a flavorful smoke.

Made from Cordia leaves, King Palm leaf wraps provide a smooth and even burn. The natural properties of Cordia leaves contribute to a more enjoyable smoking experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the lemon-infused flavors with every inhale. With the convenience of pre-rolled cones, you can spend less time preparing and more time savoring the moment.

Key Features:

  • Contains 2 King Palm Lemon Haze Pre-rolled cones
  • Zesty citrus flavor with Lemon Haze strain
  • Crafted with Cordia leaves for a high-quality smoke
  • Refreshing and invigorating experience
  • Smooth and even burn
  • Pre-rolled for convenience

Elevate your smoking experience with King Palm 2ct Mini Rolls in Lemon Haze flavor. Each roll is a citrusy delight, blending the zesty brightness of lemons with a touch of Haze for a truly uplifting smoke. Handcrafted for perfection, these mini rolls offer a smooth draw, ensuring your journey into Lemon Haze is nothing short of extraordinary. Find them exclusively at Amsterdam Smoke & Vape, where quality and flavor converge.

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