Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool & Bubble Cap Combo 22mm 4"

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Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool & Bubble Cap Combo 22mm 4"

The Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool & Bubble Cap Combo, measuring 22mm in diameter and standing at a convenient 4 inches in length, is the ultimate toolset for dabbing enthusiasts. This combo seamlessly marries two indispensable dabbing tools into one, taking your dabbing experience to a whole new level of convenience and enjoyment.

First, let's talk about the Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool. Precision-crafted, this tool is your trusted companion for handling concentrates with finesse. Its slender, elongated design allows for precise and controlled dabbing, whether you're working with wax, shatter, or oils. Crafted from quality glass, it's built to last, ensuring it remains a reliable part of your dabbing arsenal.

Now, let's shift our attention to the Bubble Cap. This clever accessory is engineered to optimize your dabbing sessions. With its 22mm diameter, it's a perfect fit for most bangers and nails. The bubble-shaped cap forms a seal over your concentrate, directing the airflow and vapor for maximum flavor and efficiency. Say farewell to wasted vapor and hello to a more flavorful and satisfying dabbing experience.

What truly sets this combo apart is its sheer versatility and convenience. Having both the Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool and Bubble Cap in one package means you're always well-equipped for a smooth and enjoyable dabbing experience. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just starting out, this combo simplifies the process and lets you focus on what truly matters – savoring the rich flavors and potent effects of your concentrates.

Elevate your dabbing setup and enhance every session with the Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool & Bubble Cap Combo. It's your key to unlocking a more convenient, precise, and flavorful dabbing journey.

Key Features:

  • Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool for precise concentrate handling
  • Bubble Cap with a 22mm diameter for optimized airflow and vaporization
  • A versatile and convenient combo for an enhanced dabbing experience
  • Crafted from durable glass for long-lasting use
  • Elevate your dabbing game with the Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool & Bubble Cap Combo – your ticket to flavorful and efficient dabs.


Elevate your dabbing experience with the Glass Dabber Scepter Dab Tool & Bubble Cap Combo, a versatile and elegant choice for enthusiasts. Measuring 22mm in diameter and 4 inches in length, this combo offers both style and functionality. 

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