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What To Mix With Kratom Powder?

What To Mix With Kratom Powder?

Jamie Blair Jamie Blair
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The kratom tree leaves have been an integral inherent to curing uneasiness amongst people globally. However, the bioactive alkaloid mitragynine properties became a major reason for the growing demand for it in medicines, powder, and supplements.

However, consuming kratom powder alone could be a lovely idea for taste buds. Therefore, this article will provide some tasty recipes and food to mix with its powder to make it useful and delicious. So, let us check out what to mix kratom powder with to enhance taste and effectiveness.

What Is The Best Way Of Mixing Kratom Powder With Drinks?

Does powder work with drinks, and what is the best way to consume kratom with drinks? Frankly! There is no hard and fast rule in drinking kratom. But you can always go ahead and mix anything. It is quite effective with drinks users can enjoy with the kratom powder. It can be your chocolate protein shake, fresh orange juice, or healthy green smoothness, and there are endless options to play around with it.

Some of the tempting recipes will be discussed below, but ultimately it will be your call to go wild with your creative ideas. However, an important point worth considering is not to mix it with powder in extra hot drinks. Mix it with a nice warm drink, but the high temperature from hot drinks can break its active ingredients. Therefore, let the drink cool down a bit before adding it. 

Besides, kratom and alcohol never go together. Since it potentiates depression in its attributes; therefore, the blend of these two can be fatal. 

Kratom Recipes

Time to have some fun with the kratom powder. Opt from the following recipes to relish the goodness of your beloved herb without compromising on the bitter taste. Adding it to eatable or drink does not fade out its effects. Hence, any of the recipes can enhance the taste, along with consuming goodness. 

However, mixing kratom powder with food items brings out the effect after 10 to 15 minutes, rather than the direct ingestion method's instant effect. 

Kratom And Orange Juice:

Orange juice is the global staple in breakfast choices. No caffeine drinks can combat an energy boost with fresh orange juice. So, mixing kratom with orange juice is the perfect recipe to enhance its taste. Besides, this amazing blend makes a wholesome glass packed with nutrients and health benefits. 

The citric acid from juice speeds up kratom's alkaloid dissolving process for the short carrier to the body. Besides, the CYP3A4 enzyme from orange juice helps break mitragynine. Therefore, a longer duration of it in the body means more benefits. 

How To Make:

  • Squeeze in a glass of fresh orange juice 
  • Mix 5 grams of kratom powder and enjoy!

Flavored Yogurt:

Yogurt is packed with calcium and all the healthy nutrients for the body. It is everyone's favorite and an easy combination with kratom powder. There are days when there isn't enough time to make a recipe; hence, yogurt and kratom become saviors. 

It is the user's personal preference to mix it with any flavor or even plain yogurt. However, mix properly to avoid any visible lumps or residues of powder. 

How To Prepare:

  • Add yogurt to a bowl 
  • Ingo, 5 grams of kratom mixed well 
  • Top up with your fruits, and enjoy 

Coconut Milk Smoothie:

This recipe is a shoutout to all vegans, as the kratom coconut milk smoothie is delectable and nutritious. The smoothie has a rich texture, which copes with the bitter kratom taste, making it enjoyable. 

How To Prepare:

  • Pour a cup of coconut milk into the blender. 
  • Add a handful of berries and almonds to it. It can be any variety of berries available. 
  • Add a scoop of prominent powder flavored or unflavored) 
  • Go with any sweetener, sugar, or honey 
  • Put a cup of crushed ice 
  • Lastly, 5 grams of kratom powder and blend!
  • The taste smoothie is ready to tickle the taste buds. 

Cold Coffee:

People wanting an extra energy boost can experiment with mixing kratom powder with coffee for an extra stimulating effect. Besides, if its unpleasant taste does not work well with anyone's taste, then coffee is the perfect option as its bitter taste covers kratom's unpleasant taste. 

Hot coffee is a morning drink, but kratom improves with iced coffee as heat breaks its active ingredients. 

How To Prepare: 

  • Add a cup of cold brew to a blender. 
  • Pour in half a cup of cold milk.
  • Put one spoonful of sweetener.
  • Use your creative ideas for any extra addition, like chocolate or caramel sauce.
  • Finally, add 5 grams of kratom powder and blend.
  • Enjoy the perfect boost of energy in the morning to charge up for the hectic day at work.

Kratom And Oatmeal:

The perfect start to your day with a wholesome bowl of kratom oatmeal. People are giving up coffee over kratom tea to enjoy the health benefits. However, mixing kratom with a morning oatmeal bowl is another excellent idea to enjoy the goodness. 

How To Prepare:

  • Take a cup of dry oats.
  • Mix 5 grams of kratom powder.
  • Warm up a cup of water, regular milk, or any form of milk, but do not boil it.
  • Mix it into the dry oats and let it sit.
  • Add any sweetener of your liking. 
  • Healthy oatmeal is ready to brighten up your day. 

Kratom Applesauce:

Kratom applesauce is the simplest and tastiest recipe one would want. Apple and kratom powder is nothing new. The sweet apple covers up the bitter taste of the kratom herb. So, the perfect choice is to mix kratom powder in applesauce and stir well. 

How To Prepare:

  • Mix a cup of applesauce, 5 grams of kratom, and one spoon of cinnamon powder in a bowl. 
  • Put it into the freezer for a fresher taste. 
  • Take out after 15 minutes and enjoy!

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Final Verdict

To put an end to the discussion, kratom has an unpleasant taste that does not go well with everyone's taste buds. Therefore, we have given filling and tasty recipes regarding what to mix kratom with, covering its bitter taste perfectly. 

There are endless ways of mixing kratom powder with food to make tasty and healthy kratom recipes like kratom with fruit juice, mix with oatmeal for a healthy breakfast bowl, and more. Despite the above-mentioned recipes, every person differs in his recipe. So, there is always scope to add your creative ideas for better results. However, users can always use their creative ideas to make kratom drinks and recipes for the morning energy dose.

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