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Which Is Better: Puffco Peak vs Peak Pro?

Which Is Better: Puffco Peak vs Peak Pro?

Richard Stein Richard Stein
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Which Is Better: Puffco Peak vs Peak Pro?


The Puffco Peak, manufactured in Brooklyn, New York, was an "immediate smash" because its distinctive appearance and power were characteristics that had never before been seen in the world of dabbing at the time.


The Puffco Peak provides users with unrivaled power in addition to an intuitive interface. You will need to acquire one of these goods if you want to hone your dabbing skills and make the most of your capacity for concentration.


The Puffco creators labored diligently over a period of three years in order to create a newer, more professional model. Because of the significant impact the first had on the dabbing game, there were a lot of expectations placed on this one.



The Puffco Peak Pro utilizes the PuffCo App, which is great for gadget lovers because it integrates with your device and provides convenient remote control of settings like the device's temperature, the color of its emitted light, and even a stealth mode.


The new Puffco Peak Pro makes use of the same technology as the OG, but in addition to that, it features a number of significant improvements over its predecessor.


Let's take a brief glance at the differences between Puffco Peak vs. Peak Pro.


Comparison between the Puffco Peak and Peak Pro in Terms of Quality


Leakage, an issue with the first version of the Peak, has been eliminated thanks to the Peak Pro's larger atomizer. When using an older atomizer, there was also a typical occurrence in which the bottom of the atomizer would turn a dark black color, and once this happened, it was unable to make any adjustments.


The company already held a dominant position in the industry, so a general improvement in product quality has been the best-case scenario for the business. Cleaning the new atomizers has also been streamlined to make it easier.




When compared to the original Puffco Peak, the Puffco Peak Pro has a far lower incidence of broken atomizers during cleaning due to the fact that the atomizer is a single, integrated piece.

Size & Design

One of the most notable features of the Pro is its matte surface, which is often regarded as one of the reasons it appears to be an improvement over the original. Shiny plastic was used in the production of the first model, which was released many years ago. The base of the new one is sleek and black, and it leads to a mouthpiece that is significantly more sleek than the one that came before it.


The atomizer is yet another thing that has undergone a significant transformation. What was once a three-piece atomizer was reduced to a single solid piece and topped with a carb cap fastened to the top of the atomizer to make it more secure.


Compatibility For Use With Bluetooth Apps


Bluetooth connection, which allows the Peak Pro to work with an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone, is one of the enhancements that the brand made to the Peak Pro that is widely considered to be among the most significant. The Peak Pro App Experience is the term given to the downloadable smartphone app that gives consumers the ability to tailor their sessions fully.


The Peak Pro retains the original's four user settings, but with the addition of precise temperature control, each of those parameters may be fine-tuned to a degree. You will also be able to save your individualized profiles so that you may access them from your mobile device at any time based on your requirements.


Aside from a real-time temperature readout and the ability to modify it, the app also gives you the ability to control how long the heat will last and the color that will appear on the base of the Peak Pro.

Puffco Peak vs. Peak Pro : Usability


The transition from the original design to the Pro has resulted in an enhanced smoking experience, providing customers with a session that is both more convenient and pleasant. In addition to having a black matte finish and sleek glass, this device also has an added mouthpiece. This mouthpiece allows you to relax when smoking the device at an angle, in addition to having a black matte finish.


Customers appreciate the fact that the Puffco Peak Pro comes with a complimentary travel case as an additional perk in the package. The magnetic case does not require any zippers or straps to close, and it is able to do it easily. It also contains all of the necessary tools that you will require in order to perform maintenance on your device.

Battery Capacity and Recharging Capabilities


Both the Puffco Peak and the Peak Pro can go for approximately 30 sessions before needing to be recharged. This is also true of the Peak Pro. However, the company has resolved the fundamental problem with the first Peak, which was that it did not support charging over micro USB.


The most recent version of the Puffco Peak Pro is compatible with a USB-C charging cable, which can fully recharge the gadget in just two hours. The most recent iteration of the Puffco Peak Pro can wirelessly charge when docked in the Puffco Peak Pro power dock. These two updates make it possible for customers to vape immediately after the gadget has been recharged.


Which Option Is Most Suited To My Needs?


It's all about preference, whether it's the amount of dabbing, the type of dabbing, or the temperature of the dab. The Puffco Peak is undeniably a tried-and-true piece of equipment, and it has been a popular choice among smokers for many years. In contrast, the Puffco Peak Pro is equipped with app-based Bluetooth controls, which make it possible to access a wide variety of features.


Choose the original Puffco Peak if you are looking for a device that can deliver satisfying hits with as little effort as possible on your part. Invest in the Puffco Peak Pro if you have a passion for the newest technological advancements and revel in the ability to tailor each and every facet of your dabbing experience.


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