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All You Need to Know About Yocan Vaporizer Pens

All You Need to Know About Yocan Vaporizer Pens

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All You Need to Know About Yocan Vaporizer Pens

Yocan was an early pioneer in the modern vaping movement. Many customers have flocked to the Chinese vaporizer manufacturer for years because of their reputation for producing high-quality vaping devices at prices that won't break the bank.

Yocan surprises us yet again with a feature not usually found on wax pens. The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen is a portable wax vape that combines the best features of a dab rig and an electronic vaporizer. The Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen is a portable vaporizer that features terp pearls and a coil-less quartz cup, elevating the user's experience and amplifying the effects of the user's chosen wax concentrates and extracts.

Have you ever wondered how cutting-edge the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen could get? What follows will show you why you ought to be carrying one. Don't forget to acquire your vaporizers from the original manufacturer, Yocan Vaporizer.


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Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Yocan Vaporizer

Styled Like a Pen

The Yocan Orbit has a primary body made of stainless steel with a polished appearance. The Yocan Orbit is not much different in form from other wax pens. It looks like a thick pen, and its mouthpiece, bowl, and button are all located on its top. On the other hand, the battery takes up the entire bottom section.

The glass mouthpiece and quartz bowl give the Orbit a sleek, modern look. As you draw, you can visually observe the bowl getting hotter, the wax melting, and the terp pearls whirling.

Convenient One-Button Control with Built-In LED Light

The only control you need to use the Yocan Orbit is its one button. It takes five clicks to power on the device and begins preheating, two clicks to toggle between the three voltage settings, and five clicks to power off the gadget completely. All of Yocan's wax pens share the same user interface, which is simple and clear.

A ring of LED lights around the trigger lets you know how the device is doing and which of its three voltage settings you're using. There's a glass mouthpiece and a vertices-based airflow system inside.

Whether it's a dry herb vaporizer or a concentrating device, a glass mouthpiece is one of the most desirable additions. Since glass is chemically inert, it maintains the purity of the vapor.

Two rubber seal rings keep the somewhat bell-shaped mouthpiece affixed to the Regen's deep quartz bowl. The mouthpiece's tapered end is easy on the teeth and keeps my tongue from being too hot, even after multiple uses.

Both the mouthpiece and bowl are shaped in a way that allows the tiny rotating fan to operate effectively within the vessel. This reduces the temperature of the vapor and permits the balls to spin.

Powerful USB-C Port and a 1700 mAh Cell

The Yocan Orbit has a 1700mAh battery, which is sufficient for 10–12 sessions for most users. The battery can be easily replaced if you find you need extra power.

It has a built-in charger that can be used to replenish the battery in the gadget in just 60 minutes through USB-C. It's fantastic that modern devices are finally starting to use USB-C in all their new releases. The previous micro-USB was really sluggish and would have taken twice as long to charge the smartphone.

Balls of Quartz-Terpene

Terp Balls have been around for a while, but finding one inside a wax vaporizer is novel. A heating source is surrounded by these tiny glass balls, which spin to absorb heat. Then, the agitation from the spinning hot balls helps the dab heat more uniformly and efficiently.

When we originally heard about the balls, we assumed they were just a gimmick, but it turns out that they actually improve the vaporization experience when using wax. In addition, watching them spin inside the machine is a neat feature.

The mouthpiece seal rings do a fantastic job of retaining the mouthpiece in place, so be careful when removing it. The terp balls will be released with a simple upward motion of the mouthpiece. Therefore, gently unscrew the mouthpiece from the tool. This is presumably why there are so many extras included in the kit.

Bowl Made Of Transparent, Coil-Free Quartz

So that the quartz terpene balls may spin freely inside it and distribute their contents uniformly across the coil, the gadget was designed without a coil. Quartz's reputation for producing thick, hard-hitting vapor is well-deserved on the Orbit.

Still, we found the vapor to be most tasty and satisfying at its lowest setting. The middle temperature produced a dish that was noticeably less tasty and smelled somewhat scorched. Now you have a good idea of what the maximum level is like.

The Orbit, unlike the Micro+ (review) and other pens, does not include a temperature-regulating chip, meaning it becomes hotter the longer you keep the button depressed. In light of the foregoing, it should come as no surprise that the safest and most effective Orbit setting is also its lowest.


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What This Means, Ultimately

The Yocan Orbit is a no-nonsense, no-frills instrument that harkens back to the earliest days of wax pens. Very little instruction is required, although eliminating the pearls from the heating element improves the experience. After some time, the pearls grow sticky and become another thing that needs to be cleaned and kept track of.

Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things Vape

If you are interested in purchasing your very first Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen, then do not hesitate any longer and place your order as soon as possible. Amsterdamllc Smoke Shop is your one-stop shop for purchasing anything and everything associated with vapes, including everything else you need to have the best possible experience when vaping.

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