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Health Effects Hookah has on the Cardiovascular Systems

Health Effects Hookah has on the Cardiovascular Systems

David Glacier David Glacier
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Have you ever tried smoking hookah and felt like a cool kid with a fancy habit? Well, you might want to put down that pipe and pay attention to it because it's time to talk about the serious hookah health risks and benefits especially on your cardiovascular system.

Whether charcoal ignited or electric hookah, it can leave several short-term and long-term effects on your health. Even it can severely impact the development of a fetus if a mother is addicted to hookah. Unfortunately, many users consider it less harmful compared to cigarettes, which is not the case. That’s why you must know the potential health concerns of Hookah/Waterpipe smoking. 

Let’s open up!

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General Health Effects

Respiratory Infections:

The deadly side effects of hookah on health are not limited. The routine use of hookah smoking can have a broader hit on overall health. The smoke built during a hookah session has toxic chemicals and heavy metals that harm the lungs and increase the risk of respiratory infections. These infections can be severe and go to long-term respiratory problems. Be conscious of the hookah and health, and make a better decision before engaging in this activity.

Lung Infection:

It's essential to be mindful of hookah's health risks and benefits. While socializing around a hookah seems fun, it's not without its downsides. The truth is, hookah smoke drives serious hurt to your lungs, leaving you gasping for breath and feeling helpless. 

The long-term effects of hookah include lung cancer and reduced lung function. Don't let the bad fantasy shadow your personality; put your health first.

Infectious Disease:

One of the commonly neglected effects of hookah smoking is the risk of infectious disease, as sharing the same mouthpiece spreads the ailments like tuberculosis and hepatitis C. The germs can quickly transfer from one person to another through the mouthpiece if the waterpipe is not adequately cleaned between uses. 

Risk Factors For Cardiovascular Disease

People are unaware of the side effects of hookah. One primary concern is a cardiovascular disease associated with hookah smoking and your health. The smoke from a hookah holds high levels of damaging chemicals and poisons that harm the arteries and ultimately cause a stroke. 

The long and deep inhalations during sessions climbed heart rate, blood pressure, and blood vessel constriction, putting extra stress on the heart and increasing the risk of heart disease.

The Link Between Hookah And Addiction

You often feel a sense of relaxation wash over you. But do you know that the addictions grow stronger with each puff, trapping you in its grasp? Here are five links between hookah and addiction that you should know.

  • Nicotine Addiction - Hookah smoke contains nicotine, an addictive essence that ushers to dependence on regular use.
  • Social Factors - The social aspect of Hookah smoking, including using combined Hookah pipes and group gatherings, contributes to addiction through peer pressure and reinforcement.
  • Higher Risk For Young Adults - Young adults who start smoking hookah is at higher risk for developing nicotine addiction due to the social nature of hookah smoking.
  • Brain Changes - Nicotine in Hookah smoke changes the brain's reward system, increasing the risk of addiction and making quitting more difficult.

Recommendations For Prevention And Treatment

Educating people about hookah smoking and your health is a must to prevent this addiction. It can be done through public campaigns, school programs, and media awareness. 

Hookah smoking is a prevalent practice in many cultures. If you or someone you know is a hookah smoker, seek treatment to overcome this addiction. Here are some recommendations to help you on your journey to quitting.

Consult To Your Trusted Physician:

First and foremost, talk to your trusted doctor or a health care specialist. He will provide support and guidance to help you quit. He may also recommend nicotine replacement therapy or other medications to ease the effects of hookah and withdrawal symptoms.

Consider Seeking Support From Others:

Secondly, consider seeking support from a group or counselor specializing in addiction. Sharing your struggles about hookah smoking and your health with others who understand will help you overcome the addiction.

Find Alternative Ways:

Last but not least, find alternative ways to cope with stress or anxiety. Exercise, meditation, and involvement in a new hobby or physical game help you reduce the effects of hookah and its cravings to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Remember, quitting hookah smoking is not easy, but it’s possible with the proper support and resources. Don’t be afraid to seek help and guidance; you are just one step away from healthy living.


The side effects of hookah smoking are not to be taken lightly. Both the short-term effects of hookah and long-term effects of hookah have severe consequences on your overall health, mainly on your cardiovascular system. If you value your inner health and well-being, it will be fruitful for you and for your loved ones near you. The best decision you can make for your health is to avoid hookah smoking altogether.

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1- Is Hookah smoking less harmful than cigarette smoking?

No, hookah/waterpipe smoking is not less harmful than cigarette smoking. Hookah smokers inhale more smoke and toxins than cigarette smokers and have a higher risk of specific problems.

2 - Is Hookah Smoking Addictive?

Yes, Hookah smoking addiction develops over time as the user becomes accustomed to the effects of nicotine. The more often a person smokes a hookah, the more likely they become addicted.

3 - Is there a safe amount of hookah smoking, or is it best to avoid it completely?

No, there is no safe amount of hookah smoking. Even smoking hookah for a short period has harmful effects on your health. It is best to avoid hookah smoking completely to protect your health.

4 - How much hookah smoking is too much?

Any amount of hookah/waterpipe smoking is considered too much, as even occasional use can harm health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that a typical one-hour hookah smoking session is similar to inhaling 100 or more cigarettes.

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