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Secret To Smoothest Bong Hits!

Secret To Smoothest Bong Hits!

Richard Stein Richard Stein
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Smoking weed can give you the charm and enthusiasm to enjoy the highest state. Several methods are now adopted to get that very smoke of weed. Bong is one of these methods. One of the most ancient methods to get the perfect hits of weed and other cannabis-related products, bongs have made users fall for it every time.

But wait!

As a beginner, your first experience with this smoking technique can irritate. It's because most of the time, the device hits become so harsh that a person cannot breathe.

This is the reason why the majority of weed smokers don't exactly remember their first bong hit. But, to help you get the essence of your smoke and the smoothest bong experience, we're here to help.

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In the following guide, we will describe the smoothest cannabis bong possible.

Let's start reading to explore now!

Tips to Get the Smoothest Bong Possible

Smoking a cigarette or using a vape is quite easy. But your smoking skills are tested when you're given a bong and said to take a smoke hit without practice.

This situation can test your patience. However, knowing the right tips and tricks can ace the first smoke without hurting your lungs with a harsh cough.

Start Practicing Deep Breathing

The activity of smoking directly relates to extended breathing when inhaling the smoke. You must start practicing deep breathing when using a bong or a glass device to experience weed smoking. You can do this by extending your diaphragm in the lower direction by inhaling as much air as possible.

In addition to this, you can easily increase your breathing capacity. This will make you practice higher endurance with the weed smoke when inhaling it. The increased capacity to take longer breaths will enable you to cope with a large bong hit smoothly.

Cool Down Smoke with Chilled Steel Pipes

If you plan to get the smoothest bong hit, your primary target must be cooling down the smoke to make it less harsh. When making the weed fume, cold water or steel pipes can help get the most essence out of it.

In such a way, you will not have to go through a sudden coughing fit. You'll love to know that cold pipes and water also preserve the potency and flavor of cannabis or weed.

Make Sure To Grind The Herb Finely

Another way to get the smoothest bong ever created is to notice the ground state of the weed, cannabis, or tobacco you're going to inhale. The instant pinch of smoke in your lungs can be due to the rough texture of the weed.

If you grind the whole substance evenly, it will burn equally and create a smoothest bong hit in no time. Larger pieces of herbs or weed are harder to burn and create smoke than smaller ones. So, if you want to get a smooth experience, remember to take some time to grind the herb properly.

Adjust the Bowl Size

With this device, you must consider the bowl size when getting a perfect smoking weed experience. This factor directly relates to the airflow inside the device to direct the smoke. That is why; the size difference between a bowl in a bong can give you a completely changed experience.

Furthermore, if you aim to get bigger yet smoother hits, use a smaller bowl. This concept may seem counterintuitive, but smaller bowls have been observed to give less airflow around the herb. The whole technique will give a perfect burn to the herb, thus creating a concentrated smoke.

Mint Can Help

Here comes another trick to get the perfect bong hit without irritating your throat or lungs. Many people tend to cough just to get the essence of smoking. It is obvious because weed or cannabis smoke can cause a dry mouth and throat.

So, to cope with this problem, you can keep some mint or flavored gum in your mouth. It will create constant moisture and release saliva to prevent coughing.

Remove the Bowl Properly

There is no need for you to remove the bowl all of a sudden or dramatically. Most perc bong smokers do this, but it's the right trick, as it can create a harsh hit. One obvious thing is that removing the bowl can cause the smoke to travel directly to your lungs.

So, if you remove the bowl properly or slowly, the smoke will gradually move into the chamber and then to your mouth and lungs. Thus, a reasonable pace of smoke will create the best bong for the smoothest hits.

Check the Water Content

The amount of water in your bong can make a huge difference to the smoothness of your puff. This factor is quite crucial to consider. Adding water makes the it stand out among the other smoking gadgets.

That is why; if you are aiming to get a smooth hit, you must notify the water level. Try to fill the bottom portion with water. It will create a smoother effect by cooling down the smoke-generated heat.

Exhale Correctly

The way you exhale the smoke can bring you the best experience of smoking weed or other cannabis-related products. Make sure to release the smoke slowly and gradually. It flows through the vocal cords. So, a slow exhalation can cause the smoke to flow out without causing any irritation.

Bottom Line

Bong is one of the ways to make your smoking level the highest, only if done correctly. Otherwise, you'll do nothing but cough ruthlessly with every puff you inhale.

To keep your lungs free from irritation, consider the tips mentioned above. All these techniques can bring you the peace of smoking without getting a single cough fit.

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What is the Smoothest Type of Bong?

A multi-chamber bong is considered the best type to get the smoothest hit. A large number of percolators in it makes it the best option.

Does Bong Hurt Your Lungs?

Smoking overall can damage your lungs. But, if you use bongs correctly, you will not irritate your lungs.

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