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How To Maximize The Life Of Your Vape Battery?

How To Maximize The Life Of Your Vape Battery?

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Modern products are all battery-powered sources, be it the smartphone or tv remote. Likewise, vapes also need batteries for the desirable vaping experience. But how can a user improve their vape battery life? And what is the average life of a vape battery? These are some of the common concerns of a user. However, reality strikes when they do not live up to the expected lifespan.

The vapes purchased usually come with a preinstalled rechargeable battery. It can be either through the USB power source or removed, recharged, and installed back. However, cautious use and post-usage care are the keys to long battery life. But how to maximize the life of the vape's battery?

This content is a helpful guide to assist in the long vape battery life of your vape!

How Long Does A Vape Pen Battery Last?

Though there are different qualities of battery for vape in the market, a 900 mAh battery can last 8 to 10 hours on a single charge. However, the market also offers advanced batteries for up to 2 days. 

Moreover, the battery life is between 6 months to a year. 

Why Does My Vape Battery Runs Out Fast?

An 8 to 10 hour window is ideal for the 900 mAh battery. Nonetheless, if the vape can't deliver up to the time window, it indicates that the battery isn't powerful enough. Some vapes with pre-installed batteries have USB vape battery chargers, while others have removable and rechargeable batteries. The plus point of a removable vape battery is the liberty to upgrade it. There are vapes strong enough to upgrade up to 4000 mAh. Yet, the battery life of a vape depends on its usage. So, minimal use with few puffs will increase the battery life compared to regular use. However, some other reasons behind fast battery draining are:

  • Users are using the wrong liquid in the vape 
  • Overcharging the device is harmful to the battery health 
  • The vape is not running on the original built-in battery, but the replaced battery 
  • Users might forget to switch off the device after use 
  • Using the device on liquid affects the coil and battery health

However, if the battery drains out faster without surplus use, it is time to get a new battery. 

How To Extend Vape's Battery Life?

The following tips can be a helping hand to enhance the battery life of the vape:

Switch Off After Use:

It is a sheer misconception that the device does not consume a battery when not in use. The modern vapes come with standby mode, which is always ready to use. 

Hence, turning off post-use is the greatest favour for your device though this isn't the perfect choice, but far better than draining the battery even when not needed.

Refrain From Overcharging:

Every rechargeable battery owner is the culprit of this crime at least once. Though overnight charging seems convenient, it has long-term damage to the battery. 

The batteries have a restricted capacity for the amount of power they can take. Leaving the device plugged in helps the device reach its maximum charging capacity. Yet the extra power is worthless for the device. Moreover, overcharging causes some long-term damages, such as:

  • The battery will lose the capacity to charge faster 
  • The battery vape can breakdown, leading to cracks on the casing and harmful chemicals oozing out 
  • Overheating can even explode the battery 

Keep Away From Cold:

Gadgets are favourable to cool thermostats. People in colder regions should pack them in pouches for extra security while travelling. Make sure you stay in cool places. It is harmful to the battery and the electric liquid inside. It breaks down or separates in colder temperatures. 

Avoid Contact With Hot:

Do not let the vape get hot or go closer to a hot place since it could damage the product. 

Keep The Battery Clean:

Consider your vape as a car battery, as it needs regular cleaning. Vapes are portable, making them perfect for accommodating in the pocket. However, they do get infected with dust and oil residue. A dirty battery affects the connection with the vape. A discharge in the battery causes problems in functioning. Hence, a clean battery improves the vape charging and overall performance of the product. You can check an online guide about how to clean a vape battery.

Store The Vapes With Full Charged Batteries:

When a user plans to use a vape or any vape battery for a long time, the best choice is to recharge before storing. Since the vape is stored uncharged it can cause a problem in powering up later.

Use The Vape Batteries Regularly:

Batteries are meant to perform. Keeping the batteries unused is more dangerous than regular usage. It is just like trying to start a car after months. 

Hence, storing vapes in cupboards without use causes materials from the cells to degrade, which is more damaging than regular use. Therefore, use it occasionally as it adds to the longer battery life. 

Charge When The Battery Runs Out Of Power:

Different manufacturers vary in their opinion about it. Some suggest a speedy short power boost, while others prefer waiting for the battery to drain completely. Either choice solely relies on the battery type. 

The old batteries have a chemical reaction to discharge and should be drained out completely before the second charge. On the other hand, lithium-ion modern batteries are less haste in the chemical reaction and work well with even a tiny power boost. 

In either case, powering up the best vape battery is important. 

Can I Fix the Damaged Battery Of A Vape?

It is practically impossible to fix the damaged battery. The only solution is to replace it. Despite being careful, the overcharged battery can cause an explosion, leakage, and damage to the vape. So, please get a new battery and carefully use it for future problems.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we must admit that batteries do not have an infinite life. The market has ample choices in qualities, like vape battery amazon or you can find vape batteries nearby. 

But if a user asks about maximizing the vape battery life, then it is possible. The above guidelines, like avoiding overcharging and saving from extreme thermostat changes will help your device live a long and useful battery life. Despite following strict guidelines, the battery needs replacement after a window of 6 months to 1 year. 

Lastly, replace the vape battery after the given time or early, depending on how often it is used, for convenience and a seamless vaping experience!

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